Clockwork supports the everyday lives of middle-aged to older shift workers, enabling them to improve their circadian rhythms

Main Goals

  • Understand the challenges
    and issues of shift workers.
  • Co-design tools that enable
    light therapy interventions.
  • Co-design tools that support
    the self-awareness and self-reflection.
  • Evaluate the developed tools
    with shift workers.

Smart badge and smartphone

Smart lamp

Analysis system for

Smart badge and smartphone application

Clockwork is developing a smart badge and a smartphone application for shift workers. The smart badge will collect data about the movement activity and light exposure while at work, and the smartphone will sense the activity of users, especially while at home and in everyday life. The smartphone app will also enable users to self-report their shift schedules, and other relevant data, to get a picture of their days.

The collected data will be presented to the users so that they can be aware of their body and rhythms, and reflect about their work and lifestyle. Furthermore, users may also receive recommendations from healthcare professionals specialized in shifts or sleep.

Smart Lamp

The consortium is proposing a Smart Lamp that can help users becoming more alert or sleepy. The Lamp will influence the circadian rhythms of sleep workers, by controlling the condition that can best synchronize sleep schedules - the light. The Clockwork system will makes recommendations to use the Smart Lamp

Clockwork box

The consortium is developing a device for collecting environmental data, which will be capable of measuring light, noise, and temperature. This data will be used by professionals to analyse the quality of workers' environment.

Analysis system for specialists

The consortium is developing an application for sleep specialists and health and safety technicians. These professionals will be able to analyse the activity and sleep data of shift workers, to detect early issues before they become more problematic.


  • Fraunhofer AICOS
  • BCB
  • GZE
  • CUF
  • KOHS
  • RKT

Funding entities

  • EU
  • AAL Programme
  • FCT